Sunday, January 10, 2016

Introducing Darrell Jones.... an Innocent Man.

Reasonable doubts: In upcoming exclusive interviews, Darrell Jones speaks frankly from a maximum security prison in Massachusetts.

Here is the Rule 30 Motion for New Trial. We appreciate former Chief Sproules' candor when he states: 
"I knew most of the bad guys in the city and this guy doesn't ring a bell with me at all.... I've seen strong cases and this...this isn't one of them."
That's because Darrell Jones was not a "bad guy" in the sense that would make anyone believe he could or would commit a murder, and in point of fact he did not have any outstanding warrants as alleged. More on this to follow in the coming days, along with a series of exclusive interviews/podcasts with Mr. Jones that will be featured on YouTube in the coming weeks. 

More than one injustice occurs when an innocent man is framed and wrongfully convicted of murder. There is the wrongly convicted prisoner. There is the grieving family and the decedent. And there is the collective society of citizens who place their faith in our systems of law and jurisprudence. I have followed this case for the past six years, helping him on various aspects of his case: 

We sought public information requests from EOPSS/DOC, we hunted for Terie Lynn Starks (the prostitute whose video interview was spliced) and we gathered information on the disbarment of his attorney Kenneth Elias, who had substantial ethical challenges for representing several Brockton Policemen. As a former Assistant State Attorney I blanche at what this case reveals. 

From Greater Boston Massachusetts this is the audio story of Darrell Jones, an Innocent Man. Stay tuned and see the 
Voices from Behind the Wall video.

WBUR: Reasonable Doubts
NECIR: Reasonable Doubts

PS: I understand that they are going Mr. Jones a really hard time in prison now. Here's my public records request per MGL §66-10.


17006 11TH Avenue
Shoreline, WA 98155

14 January 2016                                                                                                          VIA TELEPHONE AND FAX TRANSMITTAL

Re:  Demand for Preservation of Evidence, Unlawful Retaliation Against Darrell Jones, W42827

Dear Mr. Duarte:

I write you as a former law enforcement attorney and independent journalist to inform you of my concern regarding the safety of Darrell Jones and the protection of his property.

Specifically, I have reason to believe that Mr. Jones is now being targeted for unlawful retaliation by certain State Actors in contravention of the Principles of law addressed under 42 U.S.C.  §1983: 

He informs that last night between the hours of 17:00-21:00 his cell was tossed during a shakedown. His room was completely trashed and a picture of his deceased son was thrown on the ground and stomped on.

He further informs that he understands that shakedowns are a fact of prison life, but he asserts that he was targeted in this particular shakedown because he has no history of misconduct at this facility. Further, any other alleged misconduct he allegedly had at any other facility was addressed by way of a Jury in the landmark $570,000.00 Suffolk County Jury Verdict in the Marinova v. Boston Herald lawsuit.

We all know that this is retaliation for the fact that the malfeasance (read: Constitutional Deprivations) of his underlying case is being exposed in an International milieu as I just told Attorney Kristin Cole and an assistant and Governor Baker’s office.

WHEREFORE, pursuant to MGL §66 – 10 and any and all other Rules and Principles of Justice and Open Government, I hereby DEMAND preservation of, and opportunity to review, any and all camera footage of the H2 housing unit at the Souza Baronowski Corrections Facility between the hours of 17:00-21:00, 13 January 2016 particularly any footage from the common areas that will tend to shed light on which individuals tossed his cell, so that corrective measures be taken and to preserve his legal rights in this regard.  I will obtain a release from Mr. Jones if such is required.

I hereby certify all representations made to me are reproduced herein as a fair, accurate and true report of what was presented to me.  I further certify that I sent fax transmittals of this letter to the Governor at: 617.727.9725 and to Darren Duarte at: 978.514.6526

Very Truly Yours,
/s/Christopher King
Christopher King, J.D.

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