Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brandeis, Innocence Project and WBUR Expose Angel Echavarria and George D. Perrot Wrongful Imprisonment; Darrell Jones is Next.

George D. Perrot is Free at Last after 30 years in prison. Justice finally came to him as it did last year for Angel Echavarria and as it must for Darrell Jones. Poor representation, bad facts and bad decisions ruled the day in all three of these cases.

Globe coverage: Echavarria’s conviction in the 1994 murder of Daniel Rodriguez in Lynn was overturned this spring when a judge ruled that the prosecution’s case was flawed and that Echavarria had not had adequate representation. Prosecutors said it was not feasible for them to retry the case. 

Brandeis George D. Perrot coverage.
WBUR Angel Echavarria coverage.

Angel Echavarria, 2015
Jim Davis/Globe

In his decision overturning the conviction, Judge Kane wrote that “justice may not have been done,” and cited newly available evidence that the testimony of FBI hair analyst Wayne Oakes in Perrot’s trial was not supported by science and should not have been admitted. 

“It is not a close call,” Kane wrote. Without the FBI hair analyst’s testimony, it was unlikely that Perrot would have been convicted, he wrote. Experts believe Kane’s groundbreaking ruling marks the first time a U.S. court has made a decision based solely on the unreliability of microscopic hair analysts’ testimony that went beyond the limits of science, and is expected to influence jurists across the country looking at similar cases. 

Judge Kane also said today that he had confidence that Perrot has the support he needs to adjust and successfully reenter society. Kane said that after a "rigorous review" he is "reasonably sure that George Perrot did not physically or sexually assault Mary Prekop," the 78-year-old victim who, despite pressure from police and prosecutors, never wavered from saying that Perrot did not meet the description of her attacker. 

 "It was Mary Prekop who possessed the human integrity to refrain from joining the movement to say it was George Perrot who physically and sexually assaulted her," Kane said, telling Perrot that he would be "in her debt forevermore."

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