Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Judge Gives Prosecutor 30 Days to Pony up Crucial Evidence in Darrell Jones 1985 Murder Conviction.

Darrell Jones and I spoke today and will be taping another call from prison soon. He wants to again thank everyone for their faith, belief, perseverance and talent.  Not only those who appeared in Court with him yesterday, but those who may not have appeared in Court as they continue to work diligently behind the scenes.

To take a little artistic license right now I feel that he is comfortable with me saying that it only takes a few Bad Things to wrongly convict a man and to send him away....... but it take an entire village to bring him back.

But as we know, and and Dr. Martin Luther King said "No Lie Can Live Forever."  At least not when you have competent and diligent legal counsel and media to help.


Bruce Gellerman reports: In an emotional hearing yesterday Brockton Superior Court Judge Thomas McGuire ruled that the original video and other evidentiary items must be identified and brought forth in thirty (30) days.

Moreover, I have requested public information regarding the City policies on witness compensation since 1985; that request is still pending.

Above are pictures from yesterday's hearing as well as the first audio discussion with Mr. Jones. Stay tuned for more.
Here is the crucial background about Terie Lynn Starks and her testimony. Let us resume our discussion of State's Witness Terie Lynn Starks, who had been held on Prostitution charges that were subsequently dismissed immediately after Jones' conviction as aptly noted by the WBUR and NECIR reporting. We know that she did not actually identify Jones in the trial testimony:

"One was a tall Cuban guy. The other guy was a little taller than I was."

Note: Starks is 5'4" -- Darrell Jones was 6' and the victim was 6'1"

Cunningham asked Ms. Starks to look around the courtroom to see if she saw the man who did the shooting.

"I can't be positive, I don't remember exactly how he looks."

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