Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lawyers for Darrell Jones Seek Discovery of Original Terie Lynn Starks' Video in Motion to Compel; Hearing Set.

Above is the crash edit video that cuts to Sgt. Bilko during the Interview. Here is the NECIR online feature . And here are some material issues with her testimony, below is an excerpt from that journal entry:

Let us resume our discussion of State's Witness Terie Lynn Starks, who had been held on Prostitution charges that were subsequently dismissed immediately after Jones' conviction as aptly noted by the WBUR and NECIR reporting. We know that she did not actually identify Jones in the trial testimony:

"One was a tall Cuban guy. The other guy was a little taller than I was."

Note: Starks is 5'4" -- Darrell Jones was 6' and the victim was 6'1"

Cunningham asked Ms. Starks to look around the courtroom to see if she saw the man who did the shooting.

"I can't be positive, I don't remember exactly how he looks."

Meanwhile my request for policy, procedure and budget regarding States witnesses is still pending with the City. I will post that soon.

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