Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Darrell Jones Update: Raw Courtroom Footage as Brockton Prosecutor Runs from Crash Edit Video Perjury Questions.

Pending Hearing ORDER on full evidentiary hearing on crash edit video 
featuring Terie Lynn Starks. 

PS: Relative to some suspicious conduct against Mr. Jones in the last week (Nov 15-25) -- Perhaps has a side note, I have been receiving several hateful, racist emails during this exact same time period, apparently through some sort of proxy server(s). These emails reference Mr. Jones and a journal page I produce and edit relative to his pending Motion for New Trial. When I contact my private investigator I sincerely hope that we do not discover any connection between these emails and anyone employed by the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile Washington area film students are primed to shoot Mr. Jone's narrative:
Read the press release below.

As I was telling a Seattle area media classroom last week, there's something fishy in Denmark going on here.  As such, I believe that Mr. Jones' Attorneys are well within their Right to request a full-on evidentiary hearing by September to determine the extent to which the Brockton Police Department personnel committed Perjury in the 1985 Wrongful Conviction of one Darrell "Diamond" Jones. 

The odds are good that the goods are odd. But don't take my word for it. Read the actual accounts of what happened as you watch Prosecutor Robert Thompson:

a) Apparently misstate the reason he was substantially late to yesterday's hearing, and;
b) Run from KingCast cameras on the simple question of who the State's alleged eyeball witnesses were in the 1985 Trial. 

Hint: There was only one alleged eyeball witness who identified Darrell Jones, and she was a prostitute currying favor from the BPD.... and even then she failed to identify Darrell Jones in Trial, only in this crash edit video. If I am wrong on any of this I'll place my entire professional integrity on the line here.

Meanwhile, not for nothing but Attorney Rosemary Scapicchio has raised issues that D.A. Thompson is addressing relating to alleged failure to provide exculpatory evidence in the pending trial of another black man accused of murder. Dana Waller claims he acted in Self Defense in the 2014 homicide of Edward Dill. Stay tuned on that one.

Above is the crash edit video that cuts to Sgt. Bilko during the Interview. Here is the NECIR online feature . And here are some material issues with her testimony, below is an excerpt from that journal entry:

Let us resume our discussion of State's Witness Terie Lynn Starks, who had been held on Prostitution charges that were subsequently dismissed immediately after Jones' conviction as aptly noted by the WBUR and NECIR reporting. We know that she did not actually identify Jones in the trial testimony:

"One was a tall Cuban guy. The other guy was a little taller than I was."

Note: Starks is 5'4" -- Darrell Jones was 6' and the victim was 6'1"

Cunningham asked Ms. Starks to look around the courtroom to see if she saw the man who did the shooting.

"I can't be positive, I don't remember exactly how he looks."

Meanwhile my request for policy, procedure and budget regarding States witnesses is still pending with the City. I will post that soon.

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