Monday, September 26, 2016

Press Release on Reasonable Doubts: Washington Film Students Poised to Shoot Narrative of Darrell Jones -- An Innocent Man.

Pending Hearing ORDER on full evidentiary hearing on crash edit video 
featuring Terie Lynn Starks. 

PS: Relative to some suspicious conduct against Mr. Jones in the last week (Nov 15-25) -- Perhaps has a side note, I have been receiving several hateful, racist emails during this exact same time period, apparently through some sort of proxy server(s). These emails reference Mr. Jones and a journal page I produce and edit relative to his pending Motion for New Trial. When I contact my private investigator I sincerely hope that we do not discover any connection between these emails and anyone employed by the Commonwealth.

See the original post with links to WBUR, NECIR.
See also the preceding post with live court action, "Raw Courtroom Footage Prosecutor Runs From Crash Edit Video Perjury Questions."

PRESS RELEASE                                                                       Contact: Christopher King
For IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  
26 September, 2016                                                                  617.543.8085 


Community College students will be shooting substantial portions of a movie narrative in the City of Shoreline and local areas

SEATTLE…In 1985 (read release in the comments section, below).