Monday, September 26, 2016

Press Release on Reasonable Doubts: Washington Film Students Poised to Shoot Narrative of Darrell Jones -- An Innocent Man.

Pending Hearing ORDER on full evidentiary hearing on crash edit video 
featuring Terie Lynn Starks. 

PS: Relative to some suspicious conduct against Mr. Jones in the last week (Nov 15-25) -- Perhaps has a side note, I have been receiving several hateful, racist emails during this exact same time period, apparently through some sort of proxy server(s). These emails reference Mr. Jones and a journal page I produce and edit relative to his pending Motion for New Trial. When I contact my private investigator I sincerely hope that we do not discover any connection between these emails and anyone employed by the Commonwealth.

See the original post with links to WBUR, NECIR.
See also the preceding post with live court action, "Raw Courtroom Footage Prosecutor Runs From Crash Edit Video Perjury Questions."

PRESS RELEASE                                                                       Contact: Christopher King
For IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  
26 September, 2016                                                                  617.543.8085 


Community College students will be shooting substantial portions of a movie narrative in the City of Shoreline and local areas

SEATTLE…In 1985 (read release in the comments section, below).

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  1. PRESS RELEASE Contact: Christopher King
    26 September, 2016 617.543.8085


    Community College students will be shooting substantial portions of a movie narrative in the City of Shoreline and local areas

    SEATTLE…In 1985, Darrell Jones, then 19, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the murder of alleged Cuban cocaine dealer Guillermo Rodriguez. 30 years later, the efforts of the Innocence Project, WBUR, New England Center for Investigative Reporting, Foley Hoag law firm and others may well result in Mr. Jones either getting a new trial or being exonerated in 2016.

    The murder and conviction occurred in Brockton, a small Massachusetts town with a troubling secret within its police department. With no motive, no DNA and no prior adult record, his case was one of the last ones that was entirely prosecuted on eyewitness accounts. Significantly, not one of these eyewitnesses identified him at trial. Finally, as two of the jurors wept, the penalty of a life sentence was read and moments later Darrell Jones was escorted from the Courtroom, he turned to the police and yelled “You did a great job setting me up!”

    In the months following his conviction, his lawyer lost his license due to malpractice. In addition, prior, during and following his trial, the Brockton Police department was undergoing a major shakeup. The investigation revealed a list of problematic practices. The highlight of which was a cocaine-addicted Police Chief who routinely stole drugs from the evidence room and the intimidation of witnesses that ended him behind bars affecting the cases of over 300 inmates.

    There is a new Court Order pending evidentiary production that is owed by the State, to examine the video used to identify Mr. Joes. His legal team maintains that it was crash-edited in the 1980’s trial. New forensic science is placing the Police under heavy fire for Fraud Upon the Court and Perjury.

    The case was brought to the attention of local film-makers by Christopher King and quickly garnished interest and support. Shoreline resident and film-maker Chris Baron has expressed an interest as well “The intent of the local video treatment is to highlight the contrast between the concrete walls of prison that Mr. Jones has endured and the welcoming comfort of nature that exists in abundance here in Shoreline and Western Washington.”

    The City of Shoreline has agreed through Development Manager Dan Eernissee and local film-maker, actor and film instructor Tony Doupé will also be advising.

    "I haven't touched a tree in 30 years Chris," he tells Mr. King.