Sunday, November 27, 2016

Darrell Jones and NAMI Concur: State must put Bridgewater under control of Department of Mental Health.

Pending Hearing ORDER on full evidentiary hearing on crash edit video
featuring Terie Lynn Starks.

Today's Letter to the Editor from NAMI Massachusetts Executive Director Laurie Martinelli in response to Reporter Michael Rezendes story "Recoil, Reform, Repeat" says it all:  Bridgewater and other EOPSS/Massachusetts Correctional Facilities cannot be trusted to protect inmates' mental health. In point of fact they often intentionally trigger mental health issues. See also this week's spotlight feature, "The Desperate and the Dead." Full feature.

This I know to be true, having interviewed Souza inmate Darrell Jones and recorded his statements about a series of events that started on or about 15 November, 2016 as his time draws near for an epic court hearing concerning a crash edit videotape that was used to convict him of murder 31 years ago.

Here is a man who has never had any mental health issues in thirty-one (31) years, now all of a sudden he's buck naked and moved from the H2 to H1 to HSU..... 

More on his situation I will not say at this point, but I will say that I have my suspicions about a series of recent hate-filled emails "You honkie coon," etc. etc. ad nauseam that have arrived in my in basket during the same exact time period as noted in this recent journal entry and video where we see the Prosecutor running from my hallway questions. They are coming from a private server but there are ways of getting to the bottom of that, including the use of various tracking devices as noted in the thumbnails attached herein.

Thank you, Ms. Martinelli and Mr. Rezendes, our team will be in touch with you immediately.

NOTE: The top screen capture seen directly below this paragraph contains a Hull/Weymouth, MA IP identifier of This same IP addy appears in the search and landing history of yet another journal page of mine as seen in the second screen capture, and the subject matter reviewed in the links of course coincides with  the content of the racially-tinged emails I have been receiving during exact same time period, much of which involves Darrell Jones and much braggadocio about how the writer allegedly went to Harvard and allegedly rides a BMW sporting motorcycle superior to my Triumph. It seems silly at first blush, but it really isn't.  When viewed alongside the Civil and Human Rights abuses that are being suffered by Darrell Jones at this very moment, alarming is what it is.

It scarcely takes a rocket scientist to see that there is something fishy in Denmark here.


Sadly, the predicate of this behavior was set years ago in several examples, including the death of Joshua K. Messier that finally resulted in manslaughter charges and a $3M lawsuit settlement.  From what I understand, the proviso of the Settlement Agreement still has yet to be implemented even though former Commonwealth Governor Deval Patrick fired the three guards involved.  Now I don't know if my harassing emailer cares or not but Mr. Messier was a white fellow. I don't care about race unless or until it is used against someone or there is a pattern and practice of racism. All I care about is Equality and Justice. From the quill of Reporter Rezendes on 30 April 2015:
The former correction officers — Derek Howard, John C. Raposo, and George A. Billadeau — were fired last year by Governor Deval Patrick after the Globe revealed that Bridgewater officials had violated a half-dozen laws, regulations, and policies in the death of Joshua K. Messier as Messier was forcefully strapped to a bed. The episode was caught on videotape.
Although Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz declined to bring criminal charges following Messier’s death, special prosecutor Martin F. Murphy said that he decided to seek the charges after conducting his own six-month review. On Thursday morning, a statewide grand jury sitting in Suffolk County indicted Howard and Raposo on charges of using excessive force, while Billadeau, the supervisor, was indicted for allegedly failing to prevent the abuse, Murphy said in an interview. Murphy said Howard and Raposo caused the 23-year-old Messier’s death, but that prison guards should never have been in charge of caring for severely mentally ill men. 
Despite its name, Bridgewater State Hospital is a medium-security prison, not a hospital. View Story Judge opens inquest into Bridgewater hospital death The review will examine a 2009 case where a patient died as prison guards forcibly strapped his wrists and ankles to a bed. 
 “A system that places correctional officers in charge of mentally ill patients never convicted of a crime is a recipe for disaster,” said Murphy. “It’s not fair to the patients and it’s not fair to the guards.”